Bite Me

Bite me
a syncopation sounds off like roll call
timing all in line
where is your place in this dining expedition
a palatable tension
a shiver sliding down your arms –
it sounds like a fatty pork tenderloin sizzle,
hitting hot oil in the pan
– but wait – just one minute longer
searing is a precise drill,
the delicious effect of sweating it out
drips kissing the pinking flushed cheek
but wait – don’t surreptitiously sniff at the crotch point
of joint, air and skin
– the sluice of shallots and wild mushroom arabesque
into this fire, this aroma lifts
steaming your eyes wide, parting your lips
in anticipation as the hiss of another spit sizzle
as a dash of the purest sun-kissed virgin olives yield,
oiling this orgy, elevating it
in perfect pitched frenzy
the climax sounds off with a hip hit
of balsamic vinaigrette for bite
-this moment, priceless

(c) 2017 – A Scribbling Strumpet’s Garden – All Rights Reserved.

daily poke: [anticipate  +  elevate  +  priceless]

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